Wednesday, July 2, 2014

41 Weeks Pregnant

Me and my big mouth...
So, I'm still here and pushing 41 weeks pregnant.

I know babies chose their due dates when not forced out but it is hard to be patient when 1) you track your cycle so you know the "due date" is right 2) you have had major discomfort from sciatica and SPD for months and would like both to stop 3) feel it's too hot and humid to continue being pregnant lol. But here we are anyways still waiting and doing out very best to be patient about it.
From the start I told (Daniel) that I had a feeling she would be about a week late and end up being born the 4th of July. As the seconds tick by I am closer and closer to being right, I mean I am already right about the "late" part haha.
I have been using the large "birth ball" most every moment I have that I am not standing to try and get her rotated into a proper/engaged position to get labor going but the little princess that she already is she refuses to stay with her back out so easily. The Little Jedi has seen me do this so much lately that he copies me and does it himself when I am not using the ball.

This morning I had a home visit with my midwife who just did a quick check to make sure everything is still looking and sounding good. Big brother helped listen to baby sister again, showed off his toys, and read a dinosaur book.

So still just waiting around for her to show up.
Everything is still ready to go and the house is still cleaned, all the paperwork is filed and in order so nothing to worry about but birthing a baby now!

Tick tock when will she come out? I mean really little missy don't you know you have lot of people out here waiting to meet you and see your sweet face!

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