Monday, September 8, 2014

Portland, OR: Small Business Spotlight: Rosehip Midwifery

If you are in the Portland area pregnant and find yourself seeking a home birth with an excellent midwife team you need look no further than Rosehip Widwifery! Heather, Katrina, and Emelia are in my opinion a one stop, top notch dream team!

Heather has been a midwife for 14 years (as well as an instructor at the local college for midwifery) and has confidence and passion for what she does. Katrina and Emelia who is finishing her schooling in midwifery and apprenticing under Heather. Katrina is also a certified herbalist meaning you can trust her knowledge when it comes to holistic alternatives during pregnancy. And Emelia is an IBCLC (lactation consultant), so once your baby is born you will have help with breastfeeding, should you need it. 

They are all passionate about birth and that the experience of birth has a profound impact on the mother for the rest of her life. That birth and pregnancy are a family event, that it is something to be celebrated. That having siblings be involved helps form a stronger bond and makes the transition of bringing the new baby into the family easier. They believe that gentle beginnings start long before labor starts and that having a relationship with the midwife/mother is important to fostering trust beyond their credentials. 

Through out your birth you can feel confident and know that the same warmth and respect that you came to expect at each appointment will be just the same. 

They do not come to your pregnancy or birth with their own plan or vision of how it should be and try to make that happen. They listen to you, to what your vision is, to what you want it to be and help support you. They are there for you no matter how long it is from start to finish and no matter what that end may look like.

They are kind, supportive, caring, nurturing, funny, professional and just plain awesome!
I am so glad we found them and had them as a part of our team!

More shots of them in action:

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