Monday, September 29, 2014

Small Business Spotlight: Lovelee Three

I would like to introduce you to today's small business: LoveLee Three!
Lovelee Three is a work at home mom company that specializes in baby/toddler items including: moccasins, blankets, leggings, hat/headbands, and more being added!

We own several items from Lovelee Three! 
I bought these leggings for the Rebel Princess this past spring, and the first clothing item to ever touch her little body was a knotted hat purchased from Lovelee Three!

Each and every single item is very high in quality; from fabric selection down to stitching. Many of the items are unisex and because of the high quality of material you can pass them down from one child to the next! 

Moccasins for babies and toddlers are so popular right now and Lovelee Three has a geat variety of colors to chose from and they are one of the companies that I have seen with a comparable great low price. Now, I can't give feed back on the moccasins from Lovelee Three as we do not yet own a pair but we'll have to change that soon! 
I'm absolutely loving the new colors that she released and need them! However I am willing to bet, that based off the high quality of every other product we own they will be amazing! 

And just to show how well the leggings fit with moccasins...

Lovelee Three recently released their fall design line for 2014 and everything is great! Lots of great neutral colors and patterns as well as warm yet bold colors to welcome in the chilly fall weather!

Check out Lovelee Three:

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