Wednesday, October 1, 2014


The Rebel Princess is 1/4 of a year old! 
Seriously! She is 3 months old already! 
It feels like just last week we were welcoming her into our family and so long ago at the same time.
Time is just flying by, and since fall has arrived and holiday season is about to start it is going to go by much faster.
At 3 months the Rebel Princess weighs 15.5 pounds (that's a 6.5 pound gain since birth)! She is just under 26 inches long, and wearing mostly 6 month sized clothing! 
She is rolling over, and getting good at not getting stuck on her arm. Enjoys sitting up, but obviously still needs assistance. Her favorite food is still breast milk (no solids duh!) and is still nursing like a champ!
She's our  big, happy, healthy, beautiful, giggly, chunky monkey!
 She loves to talk with her daddy and stairs at him till he says hello to her when he gets home from work. She like singing in the shower with me, and adores her big brother and lights up squealing with excitement when he plays with her!
She is so greatly loves and I am excited for her first trip to the pumpkin patch, playing in leaves, Halloween and just making more awesome memories!

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